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What is a Bridging Loan?

Traditionally bridging loans were provided to borrowers that needed to buy a property quickly but did not have enough time to arrange their financing. Bridging loans were typically, inflexible, expensive and the penalties for late payment were severe.

For example, you might use a bridging loan to buy a new home but find that under the terms of the loan you couldn’t occupy the house!

Terms were for up to 12 months, but the costs meant that borrowers would not typically want to borrow for much longer than 3-4 months, which was typically the time it might take for a complex or tricky financing to occur.

Today Bridging Loans offer a much broader and more flexible range of options for customers.

Funding Criteria

Short term property loans with a typical maximum LTV of 70% and a maximum term of 18 months.
Geographical areas being, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
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When to use Bridging Loan?

   Bridging loans can be used for a multiple of purposes:

  • Buying a home and refinancing to a long-term mortgage
  • Buying a buy-to-let property and refinancing to a buy-to-let mortgage
  • Buying a plot of development land without planning and using the bridging loan to get planning for the property
  • Buying a development site with planning consent quickly
  • Refurbishing a property and then selling once refurbished/refinancing to a btl mortgage or commercial mortgage
  • Carrying out a wholesale development of a property (and then selling the property)
  • Refinancing a completed development facility and releasing equity for the developer so they can buy a new development site
  • Releasing value from cars, fine art and jewellery

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