Building faster & more affordable housing

We provide everything that a customer may need while building or renovating their living or working space. It means that we are capable of handling a diverse range of projects in a variety of materials, including those which are complex and challenging. These are made up of;  new build residential properties, commercial premises and high-end specifications that incorporate all the latest finishes and technological features, smaller domestic new builds and refurbishments. Our clients range from architects and developers to a multitude of individual clients. 

What we do

We are actively engaged in the delivery of our services and are confident about the quality and reliability of the services we provide. Working in this industry requires much more than knowing how to build – we blend creativity, experience, innovation and sound commercial principles to create our projects. We pride ourselves on being sensitive to the vision and perspective of our clients and spend time to clearly understand their needs. 
Meet Arek Marczewski MSc Struct E founder of Durisbuild and Managing Director
An accomplished and experienced senior executive, who has a dynamic personality and strong vision to spearhead and drive major project initiatives.

Extremely hard working, efficient and dedicated as well as an exceptional relationship builder, facilitator and board level communicator.

As a construction engineer as well as a project manager he makes sure the project is of the highest quality and runs on time. He is committed to a results driven approach to management and highly successful in optimizing resources and technology costs.
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We are a professional team of architects, artists and builders. 
  • Depending on our client´s requirements, we can deliver a project from concept through to completion with our design services that include architecture, interior design and project management.
  • We blend creativity, experience, innovation and sound commercial principles to create projects that shape businesses.
  • We provide imaginative design and development services to private homebuyers, corporate clients and property investors. 



Our team of Planner, Architect, Structure Engineer and M&E Consultant can design your dream house with a fixed price. We take full responsibility to deliver your project from concept design to completion.

Construction package

If you already have planning permission, construction drawings including building regulation drawings, we can build your house in any technology chosen at a competitive price.
We can act as your main contractor.

Watertight structure

Client completion – If your budget is tight and you are able to manage other trades or do some work yourself we can take care of foundations, drainage, superstructure, roof, doors and windows. We will construct for you a watertight structure, then you can take over to complete it in your own time using your own trades e.g. Plumber, electrician, joiners, decorators etc. We can act as your main contractor.


If you have a residential or commercial property in need of refurbishment or renovation you have come to right place. Every aspect of the work is managed by us so all you need to worry about is what sort of fixtures and finishes you like. The above slideshow demonstrates properties which we have worked on to provide a client with an entirely different house dynamic through the installation of smart technology appliances and modern designs. Over the years we have renovated and refurbished numerous 19th century properties, bringing life back into the buildings whilst maintaining their heritage and period detail.


An ideal place for your own open space living room / kitchen, greenhouse or patio-like area. This can be an integral part of your house, which will just make it bigger, or a specially prepared additional part ready to welcome your guests and visiting family.


A dream space for every child. Rooms for the youngest members of the family are often placed in this part of the house. It can also be very suitable to become a home office. Of course, the ways of arranging attics and loft conversions are almost endless, and our team, with our ideas and best constructors, will help you find the most suitable for you.