• Funding up to 98% LTC or  80% LTGDV

    Sites without / with planning
    Pay back Pari Passu (side by side)
    Security is in the land 
    Shared market risk
    Typical PG on cost overrun only
Do you have development sites without planning or regeneration sites?

JV Equity Capital is designed to partner with best in class developers where JV Equity Partners experience, as well as capital, can add strategic value to long term partnerships.
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Our JV Equity providers advantage over others in this market space is that of a single source of capital which is not reliant on external funding or deal specific fund raising. This benefit of a single shareholder allows for prompt decision making which is not subject to third party approvals. 

The above enables for responsiveness and agility which allows us to adopt a flexible approach to the timing of investments.
For Development sites :
  • With planning sites
  • Without planning sites
  • Regeneration sites etc
  • Build to Sell
  • Build to Rent etc
    Joint Venture Equity application

    To make an enquiry about our services or for guidance and assistance, please contact our team.


    As an opportunity driven partner, sites outside the above investment criteria and metrics will be looked at on a case by case basis.

    Joint venture equity for experienced developers
    Up to 98% LTC or 80% LGDV
    Typical investments of £500.000 - £10.000.000
    ​Equity invested upfront (subject to business plan)
    Sufficient Net-Worth/ Assets to support PG’s for capital plus interest guarantee
    Up to 100 units
    Unit resale values within help to buy thresholds
    Second charge mezzanine up to 75% Loan To Value
    Up to 30 months in duration

    London (Zones 2 – 9), The South East

    Select UK Gateway Cities

    Planning gain (unconditional sites)

    Development (permitted development, refurbishment and new build) 

    Residential development for open market sale 

    Alternative sectors including retirement Living,  

    PRS, student accommodation and mixed use schemes


    Site information
    ​Location, Maps
    Building information if relevant 
    Planning etc

    Planning review/rationale
    if site without planning

    Structure of deal with the landowner
    if planning option or other option to purchase

    Full Development Appraisal/ Financial Model
    To include cash flow;  property schedule and GDV supporting evidence

    Developer track record / CV

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