Grow Your Business
  • Helping SMEs to grow

    There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to SME working capital. That’s why we offer unsecured loans up to the value of  £500,000 and secured loans up to £10,000,000 through our partnerships. 
    We can meet your finance needs!
  • Supporting your development projects

    We bring together ambitious developers and those looking for opportunities to fully fund 100% of land and development costs for a chance to share in the profits you’ll generate. 
  • Funding your business growth projections

    We know that ambitious companies can sometimes hit obstacles when they’re working towards their growth expectations. If you need a vital line of funding to help you reach your project targets, we have the ideal facility for you.

    Alternative to Bank Overdraft - up to £2,000,000 within 48 hours!

  • Do you accept card payments for your goods or services?

    Check out our flexible advance solution - Get  from £3,000 to £500,000

    We know that sometimes a typical loan doesn’t match your needs or business model. A pay as you trade advance solution provides you with an alternative option.

  • Lending Solutions To All Types Of Property Entrepreneurs And Funding To Suit Your Business

    Today Bridging Loans offer a broad, flexible range and fast options for you. 
  • Looking to scale up your residential development projects and need capital backing?

    With  Mezzanine funding, your only challenge is finding suitably viable and profitable development projects.
  • Want to save thousands

    Try our Portfolio Landlords Free Legal & Survey Costs Refinance
  • Dedicated service for growing businesses

    As a small but growing business, accessing the capital you need to grow and innovate can be a challenge. But we provide you with a service that’s been designed to meet your capital needs.

Taking a personal approach

We aim to deliver much needed capital to start-ups and SMEs, helping them to reach profitability within their sector, boosting the local economy and creating jobs in the process, and to address the major housing shortage the UK is facing by backing development projects through our lender network. 

But we don’t just take the usual approach. We do things differently, with a personal touch. 

Our business is your business and we want to help you build and achieve your potential. Our connections with substantial privately owned investment companies and our commitment to getting to know your business delivers you exceptional results when you choose to work with GIC Capital. When you need it, we’re here to offer you support. 

Selecting us means you’re not dealing with employees that simply tick boxes to reach a decision. You’ll be able to access the understanding and skills of our proactive, professional team. With a backlog of wealth and development experience, we’re in the ideal position to offer you the knowledge and guidance you need to access the right funding option for you.