What Are The Foundations Of A Sustainable Successful & Scalable Business? 

28/05/2020 15:33 By Team GIC
Michael Geber in his Emyth (Entrepreneurial Myth) discusses why so many businesses fail to achieve their true potential, even if they survive the staggering failure rate statistical odds and ultimately what you as a small business can do about it. All this unnecessary failure and consequential suffering it brings stem from lack of awareness of a few fundamentals namely... 
  1. Business is a System
  2. You can't manage People, you can only manage Processes 
  3. Businesses are just vehicles to serve everyone, owners, employees, suppliers, customers, community get what they want from it 
    • For owners, businesses should give more life, lifestyle, choice and abundance but unfortunately for many small businesses the opposite is true 
  4. Most businesses are started for all the wrong reasons and for this, they are already doomed before they are even born.. 

We aim to deliver much needed capital for SME’s and Property Developers.

At the heart of these business systems is a continuous improvement process of.. 
  • Innovation 
  • Orchestration & 
  • Quantification 

If you can't quantify or measure any aspect of your business, how else can you monitor and let alone improve that particular aspect of business or process. It is said, "What gets measured, Gets attention." 

The right "Entrepreneurial Perspective" and the "True Purpose of Any Business." 

Business System's Components 

  1. Marketing: Lead Generation System 
  2. Sales: Lead Conversion System 
  3. Customer Services : Client Fulfilment System 
  4. Finance System 
  5. Operations System 
  6. People Systems 

Lead Generation System - Marketing

Plan and intentional system to create massive targeted performance based reach and awareness, steps #1 & #2.

Lead Conversion System - Sales

Your system to convert the captured qualified leads, steps 3 & 4, generated by reach and awareness activities, steps #1 & #2. This is the selling part of your business systems.

Client Fulfillment System - Customer Services 

Your clients having being sold on your products and services in step 4, step 5 is delivering on the client fulfilment and on-going engagement throughout the customer life cycle and lifetime.

Finance System

Your financial system is all about income & expenditure ensuring business has positive cashflow and reserves to cover operating expenses as well as the unexpected.

Operations System

Technology plays an instrumental and vital part in your business systems, allowing efficient and accurate data capture, processing, reporting providing a 360 degree view of your customers and business whilst also complying to regulation such as data protection etc. 

"Extraordinary business are not built from ordinary people leveraged by extraordinary business systems..." #MichaelEGerber, Emyth author 

People System

Your greatest and most valuable business asset is your people. After all TEAM Work makes the dream not only work but the journey shared and more enjoyable. 

Some of the reasons TEAM's are dysfunctional and not delivery as expected and could be possible are explored in our short video summary, "The Five Dysfunctions of Teams" .

Leaders are only as good as the teams they build!.

By CEO, GIC Capital 

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