You can only buy it when you don't need it cause when you do need it, its too late. Public Liability Insurance... 

02/05/2020 13:35 By Team GIC

Insurance has never been on most businesses or peoples top of their priority list although it should. Adequate cover not a luxury but a necessity as it gives you peace of mind and can come in handy if something adverse happens and you need to make a claim. Some of those adverse events are not a matter of IF but rather When they occur. 

The reality is that all the risks associated with the work you do as a business or self-employed in a professional capacity fall squarely and solely on your shoulders. This includes any accidental damage or bodily injuries to third parties that happen on your premises, whether you are working from an office or your home.  

We aim to deliver much needed capital for SME’s and Property Developers.

How Does Public Liability Insurance give you Peace Of Mind & Protection? 

Simply put, Public Liability insurance protects you if you are being sued by a customer or client who is injured, has an accident or damages their possessions or property while on your premises. It also protects you if you damage something belonging to them while you are visiting their premises. If they sue you as a result, it covers your legal costs and any financial compensation awarded. 

For any business, every penny counts and having the right cover is a necessity and worthwhile investment as well as a smart move. It means you’re financially protected if you are presented with a bill for damages for thousands of pounds. Irrespective of whether it was your fault or not. 

The consequences of not protecting yourself and your business with Public Liability Insurance can be devastating is an understatement. 

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