#1 Fantastic & On-going Way You MUST Fund & Grow Your Business Without Splitting Profits or Equity... 

19/05/2020 15:32 By Team GIC
Most entrepreneurs - when thinking about business funding -  the first thought is that of looking for an investor, a business partner with deep pockets, a crowdfunding campaign or a business loan. This often results in un-aligned partnerships with profit splits as well as control over your business - with someone who doesn't know or care about your industry or business as much as you do. Whilst this may solve an apparent immediate cash pressing problem, long term, this mis-alignment ultimately causes problems. Whilst cash is important, it is better to value more the entrepreneurial expertise that can be brought in by potential investors or partners which,  if put into action, will grow the business geometrically and sustainably. 
  • Innovation 
  • Orchestration and 
  • Quantification 

That one fantastic way you must fund and grow your business is through your Marketing System... 

We aim to deliver much needed capital for SME’s and Property Developers.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on using unconventional means, methods or tactics, to achieve conventional outcomes that yield maximum and quantifiable results. 

The focus here is low-cost or no-cost as the primary ingredients are..

It isn't "the lack of resources in most businesses that is to blame but rather, lack of resourcefulness" that's the key and ongoing problem. Fully leveraging the skills and assets already in possession to generate capital, and in the process strengthen the business as well as entrepreneurial skill set of the business owner, is ultimately the true source of sustainable business geometric profitable growth. 

Change your attitude as well as focus and everything in your business changes. Emphasize Results NOT Work, not mistaking activity for productivity. 

Below are a few examples, briefly elaborated, on the key ingredients of guerrilla marketing:

1. Time, Energy, Imagination = Know How = Team 

Business is a Team Sport and will need your guerrilla marketing TEAM, starting with the one or two employees already in the business as well as your existing network of contacts.

Regularly brainstorm publicity stunts, value-add content to share with your target potential customer base, join and contribute to online social media groups and hold online webinars are a few examples 

2. It Costs More to Acquire New Clients than Leveraging your existing client base. 

Its much easier to upsell an existing client than finding and acquiring a new client. Build on existing relationships with a focus on delivering more value than client investment. 

3. Embrace Technology  

For your lead generation, lead conversion, client fulfilment, finance and business operations, technology is central to your business systems and one area you must fully capitalise. 

Social media, social proof, regular blogs & vlogs are  all ways to generate awareness for your business ad business offering in a measurable results based way .

By CEO, GIC Capital  

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