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Sir Ronald Cohen, who fled Egypt as a child in the 1950s, had an illustrious career pioneering venture capital in the U.K. Nowadays, he's focused on "more important things," including leading the social impact movement.
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The book presents a principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. Be Proactive. Begin with the End in Mind. Put First Things First. Think Win/Win. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. Synergize. Sharpen the Saw.
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GIC Capital, the SME working and expansion capital solutions provider, has launched a new service for firms seeking a business overdraft.
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A high proportion of SMEs in the UK are choosing to only accept cash payments from customers, putting themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage.
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A British think tank believes that a £10,000 payment to people at the age of 25 could help young people expand their careers and start their own businesses.
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As the housing market in the UK continues to be blighted by a serious shortage, small and medium-sized developers are complaining about a lack of support from the government and other legislators.
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Latest statistics have revealed that UK manufacturing grew steadily at the end of the first trimester of this year but there are concerns about the stability of this growth.
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As Brexit continues to loom large on the horizon and many businesses are faced with doubts about the implications of it, 61% of UK SMEs are keen to reverse the process.
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The closure of more high street shops has highlighted a transformation in the retail industry and the way that consumers are choosing to shop for fashion items.
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The UK property market still holds a lot of potential for savvy investors, but uncertainty is making it more difficult to access the expansion capital needed to tap into lucrative growth areas
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Discussions that took place during a Think Tank session held at Hotelympia in London earlier this year have revealed that a lack of trust in leadership could be stopping SMEs from reaching their full potential.
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GIC Capital provides funding options for a plethora of different industries and employs a tailored approach with each of their clients to ensure that they maximize their potential and facilitate growth.
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With the Prime Minster vouching to tackle the housing shortage crisis in the UK by removing tens of billions of pounds of housing associations' debt in order to stimulate more building, we’re keen to offer support to the industries likely to be impacted
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Following news that a major UK bank is offering SMEs led by women a significant financial boost, we thought we should look into what the face of female-owned businesses in the UK is really like.
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Recent research suggests that German SMEs are outpacing those based in the UK at an alarming rate; causing a deficit that means if UK workers could catch up to our German counterparts we’d see an increase of £57 billion go back into the economy each year.
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If you’re an SME looking to secure a loan you first need to ensure you know exactly what the market has to offer you. With more and more SMEs looking for financial assistance, here’s a brief overview of what’s available.
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Savvy property developers know that the best time to buy land or develop property is… yesterday. With that in mind, many professional developers in the industry are looking for a fast, flexible loan that allows them to invest in a property quickly.
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Property developers and other professionals in the sector should consider how they can better target the buy to let market to yield greater profits, research suggests.
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SMEs often find that no matter how hard they try, it’s not always possible to guarantee how much money you’ll have in the bank account on any given date.
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The global market is becoming far more accessible to SMEs and a growing number are looking towards international sales to boost their growth.
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