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Is the High Street Doomed?
Gloomy predictions about the future of the high street have been a common theme in the news over the last few years. A host of well-known brands are either gone or seem to be struggling against the modern shopper’s thirst for online options.
Team GIC
06/07/2018 08:02 - Comment(s)
What steps could retail stores take to compete with the surge in e-commerce and online retail? 
The flurry of stories about collapsing high street stores and the growth of e-commerce is leading many people to draw the conclusion that bricks and mortar retail is dead.
Team GIC
20/04/2018 07:15 - Comment(s)
5 brilliant apps that all SMEs need to know about 
It’s estimated that 2.5 billion people will be using smartphones by 2019, so engaging with apps is also important if an SME is going to be successful. Read on to find out about five of the best apps for SMEs at present.
Team GIC
13/02/2018 07:11 - Comment(s)