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Preparing for the Impact of Brexit on your Workforce
While the general discussion of Brexit has died down, to some degree, employers of EEA Nationals must continue stay tuned and engage with the challenges ahead.
Team GIC
12/02/2020 15:32 - Comment(s)
Why do so many SMEs want to reverse the Brexit process?
As Brexit continues to loom large on the horizon and many businesses are faced with doubts about the implications of it, 61% of UK SMEs are keen to reverse the process.
Team GIC
23/08/2018 07:45 - Comment(s)
Why and how to prepare your finances for the implications of Brexit
While there is still uncertainty surrounding whether we will have a hard or soft Brexit, it is important that SMEs prepare whatever the outcome is in 2019.
Team GIC
13/03/2018 07:13 - Comment(s)
How could Brexit affect funding for SMEs?
The current climate of financial uncertainty makes this a tricky time for small businesses seeking funding. Brexit has left many in the business and finance worlds scratching their heads as to how SMEs will continue to find sources of funding in a post-Brexit world...
Team GIC
24/01/2018 15:56 - Comment(s)