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The Power of Influence, Association & Imagination
The power of Influence, Association and Imagination: Watch how Jay-Z explains how his sixth grade teacher changed his life.
Team GIC
29/12/2020 17:01 - Comment(s)
A Dozen Things to Consider If Seeking Joint Venture Capital for Residential Development 
Let's explore some of the crucial factors that real estate developers should keep in mind when raising funds for an investment and why those considerations are so vital to their long-term success.
Team GIC
07/05/2020 09:17 - Comment(s)
Why the Commercial Property Market is on the Radar for Savvy Investors
Finding an investment that generates income can be a hard thing. For many investors, commercial property is an attractive prospect because it’s a route that offers strong returns,
Team GIC
21/06/2018 05:02 - Comment(s)
Backing Property Developers Crucial for Solving Housing Crisis
The housing crisis is putting pressure on young families and while the issue was addressed in Philip Hammond’s budget, the government still isn’t going far enough.
Team GIC
22/11/2017 18:52 - Comment(s)