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Guard Against These Five Impactful Mistakes as a New Real Estate Entrepreneur... 
When building a real estate investment platform or any business for that matter, there are mistakes that are often made, and if avoided, can free up an organization for Scale, Speed and Efficiency.
Team GIC
05/03/2020 18:04 - Comment(s)
Three Basics to Keeping Your Real Estate Investment Strategy Simple... KISS
Amassing a personal fortune through real estate may seem beyond possibility, but it can be done — Keep it simple and pay close attention to these three basic concepts.
Team GIC
10/12/2019 14:01 - Comment(s)
Real Estate Costly Mistakes You Want To Avoid 
Whilst like any other business, It’s far easier to lose money on rental property than to make money, no one sets out to lose money and having some guideposts about what you’re doing as well as mentor(s) or mastermind groups for advise and guidance really helps.
Team GIC
27/11/2019 09:58 - Comment(s)
How To Strengthen Your Relationship And Investing Strategy At The Same Time 
For many people, talking about money is one of the last things they want to do. When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to maintain an open dialogue about shared finances and goals, and in fact, that dialogue can lead to stronger investment decisions as well.
Team GIC
26/11/2019 08:13 - Comment(s)
Is a Joint Venture Equity Real Estate Partner right for you? What you should know...  
From single-family, multifamily offices, pension funds, alternative investment managers, there is a growing desire to invest directly into real estate opportunities throughout the UK, Continental Europe and the world as a whole.
Team GIC
25/11/2019 08:26 - Comment(s)
Do You Want to Succeed As A Real Estate Investor? 
The high-income expectation without a lot of hard work gets a lot of people all around the world into trouble and disappointment. Do You Want to Succeed As A Real Estate Investor? Here are half-a-dozen things to be aware of...
18/11/2019 19:26 - Comment(s)
Is Commercial Real Estate Heading Off the Cliff? BOOM or BUBBLE
Watch this BBC interview with Trish Barrigan, Co-founder, Benson Elliot Capital, regarding commercial real estate market opinion.
Team GIC
07/11/2019 10:35 - Comment(s)
How Do You Identify the Best Places to Buy Rental Property in Any Market? 
Want to know a few fundamentals that will help you spot the best real estate markets? Check out our tips on what to focus on when searching for a great buy-to-let rental market.
Team GIC
30/10/2019 19:48 - Comment(s)
Get Rich With Real Estate 
Get Rich With Real Estate - Start TODAY!! Listen to Robert Kiyosaki in the Rich Dad Radio Show.
Team GIC
09/09/2019 15:23 - Comment(s)
13 Steps to Real Estate Investment Success
Successful real-estate investors aren’t made overnight! It’s not easy to succeed in real-estate investing! However, there are some tips to become successful in this field!
Team GIC
22/08/2019 10:14 - Comment(s)
Owning or Renting? What is best?
Grant Cardone - real estate mogul - shares his views about owning versus renting a property. Which is better on the long term? Which option gives you more profit?
Team GIC
08/07/2019 19:29 - Comment(s)