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Increases in National Minimum Wage Rate 2020 
New minimum wage rates that will apply from the 6th April 2020. The increased rates were recommended by the Low Pay Commission, an independent body that advises the Government.
Team GIC
01/03/2020 16:40 - Comment(s)
UK manufacturing growing steadily, but is it stable? 
Latest statistics have revealed that UK manufacturing grew steadily at the end of the first trimester of this year but there are concerns about the stability of this growth.
Team GIC
30/08/2018 09:57 - Comment(s)
What does the closure of more shops on the high street say about the changing face of the UK retail industry?
The closure of more high street shops has highlighted a transformation in the retail industry and the way that consumers are choosing to shop for fashion items.
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21/08/2018 07:28 - Comment(s)
Are small and mid-market businesses the new UK economic engine? 
It’s time for big businesses to move over, mid-sized firms are leading the way when it comes to economic growth in the UK. Ambitious small businesses are taking steps to seize opportunities and put their expansion plans into action.
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09/07/2018 11:53 - Comment(s)
Are construction firms putting too much of an emphasis on immediate financial goals?
The collapse of Carillion, a major British multinational facilities management and construction services company, has highlighted some major downfalls within the UK construction industry .
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04/04/2018 05:04 - Comment(s)