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Property developers and other professionals in the sector should consider how they can better target the buy to let market to yield greater profits, research suggests.
24/07/2018 07:56 - Comment(s)
It has recently been reported that the affordable home crisis in Ireland has reached breaking point. Some have even speculated that it’s ‘the social issue of our time’
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When it comes to buying property one of the key factors that should influence your decisions, is what buyers and tenants are looking for.
16/07/2018 07:26 - Comment(s)
Investing with a consideration for more than just profit has been a growing trend over the last decade in the UK and globally.
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Figures from the Bank of England reveal that the number of new mortgage commitments agreed by lenders fell to a two year low during the first quarter of 2018.
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Any businesses with ambitions for growth can recognise the benefits of reaching out to new markets. As more UK SMEs look to shore up their growth plans by looking across international borders, what’s driving the trend?
11/07/2018 07:16 - Comment(s)
When it comes to the future of the UK economy, it can feel like everything is up in the air as the government continues to grapple with the issues that the referendum has created.
10/07/2018 11:36 - Comment(s)
It’s time for big businesses to move over, mid-sized firms are leading the way when it comes to economic growth in the UK. Ambitious small businesses are taking steps to seize opportunities and put their expansion plans into action.
09/07/2018 11:53 - Comment(s)
Gloomy predictions about the future of the high street have been a common theme in the news over the last few years. A host of well-known brands are either gone or seem to be struggling against the modern shopper’s thirst for online options.
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The UK economy is in a strange place. Employment figures are at a record high, but overall growth remains sluggish. Rosier figures for the long-term health of the economy come along, then they’re downgraded.
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One of the biggest challenges facing SMEs is always finding the right staff to add to the workforce. It’s a perennial issue and something that businesses in every sector deal with.
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With GDPR now in full effect, a huge number of UK businesses – large and small – are still leaving themselves open to data theft. For those companies that do fall victim to targeted attacks seeking valuable data, this could have very real financial repercussions under the GDPR framework
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The gender pay gap has become a hot topic in the last few years. Some shocking figures have come to the fore from big and small businesses revealing the stark differences between the pay of men and women.
29/06/2018 14:33 - Comment(s)
The housing crisis is one of the biggest issues facing the country right now. Councils across the UK are struggling to find enough affordable housing for those that need it, the government is trying to come up with solutions and, all the while, housing stock is becoming harder to procure.
27/06/2018 07:55 - Comment(s)
The construction industry is a traditional measure of economic growth. Generally, when it’s doing well, the economy is doing well.
25/06/2018 07:25 - Comment(s)
Funding from banks for UK SMEs is still extremely hard to access. Many lenders are still in a cautionary mode and UK SMEs, who need business capital to fuel growth, are losing out.
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As global economic growth edges up to 3.1% and UK businesses continue to thrive despite the implications of last year’s Brexit vote, now is the time for SMEs to recognize the plethora of benefits that are available to them if they get on board with exporting.
05/06/2018 07:22 - Comment(s)
With new statistics from the London Business survey revealing that recruitment figures are down 43% across SMEs in South London, a capital financing firm is keen to assess whether there is a staffing crisis sweeping UK businesses.
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The UK has a rich history of technological research and advancement. Beginning with Alan Turning’s first leaps in the world of computer learning.
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The news broke recently that the East Coast Main Line will once again be under the control of government. With this marking the third time in a decade that the troubled line has needed government intervention, many people are asking questions.
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