Grow Your Business
Starting a business can be intimidating. The uncertainty of how your venture will fair in the market can trap you in a loop of anxious thinking, but for every new entrepreneur, these 3 encouraging tips are a great way to keep your confidence high.
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Mel Robbins: This is Why Women Don't Get Ahead...actually applies to both male and female in reality #GICCapital
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What makes a start-up or SME successful? What should we pay attention to in order to assure the success of our business?
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Asset allocation is the most critical part of investment success. Here’s why only 30% in equities may make sense.
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Edwin and Teddi Arroyave, entrepreneurs and stars of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, share their habits as an entrepreneur power couple.
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The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. Repetition is key to mastery…
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“Show me somebody’s Calendar, and that will show me how Committed they are to Achieving their Goal”
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After This You'll Change How You Do Everything! The Mindset of High Achievers - Tony Robbins
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Have you ever wished you could work with a professional Joint Venture Capital & Equity company, with professional people, doing professional things, in a professional way? Well now you can.
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Studies show that 80% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years of existence. Why is that?
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Organizations need teams that function, teams that are unified and get the work done. Here are some tips on how to build such a team.
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What are the the many pitfalls that teams face as they seek to "grow together"? Patrick Lencioni described them in his book "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" as he explored the fundamental causes of organizational politics and team failure.
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We know that sometimes a typical loan doesn’t match your needs or business model. Our Retail Overdraft service is suited to businesses that have a high volume of customer card payment and transactions. Interested in knowing how our Retail Overdraft works?
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This short cartoon answers the question "What Is Agile?" and will give you the background to understand the Agile principles and values and how they can help you and your team work together more efficiently.
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Episode 8, “Struggle Well” is the final episode in the Principles for Success miniseries, and its message is a simple one: Knowing how to struggle well and enjoy it is what life’s all about.
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Episode 7 of Principles for Success is called, “Be Radically Open-Minded.” In it, Ray Dalio reveals that there are many dangerous risks and wonderful opportunities all around you that you just don’t see—and explains how you can.
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In Episode 6 of Principles for Success, “Your Two Biggest Barriers,” Ray Dalio discusses what these barriers are and why if you understand them and how to get around them, you will accelerate your progress.
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In episode 5 of the Principles for Success series, Ray Dalio explains that once you understand that “Everything is a Machine,” you can go above yours and design it well to achieve your goals.
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The 4th episode in the Principles for Success series is “The Abyss.” In it, Ray Dalio shares the story of his biggest mistake and the lesson he learned: Bad things will happen to all of us, and it’s how we deal with them that determines whether we succeed or fail
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Episode 3 of Principles for Success, “The Five Step Process,” walks you through the five things you need to do to be successful.
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