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Revolving Credit Facility: What Does it Mean for UK Small Businesses?
The Revolving Credit Facility is a revolving loan agreement designed to provide working capital to support your business growth. The revolving credit line is a source of highly flexible funding.
14/11/2022 09:14 - Comment(s)
Financial statements—what they are and why you need them
Financial statements - what they are and why you need them. They inform you about your business performance, past and present and help you plan for your future.
09/11/2022 06:07 - Comment(s)
Why is it difficult for small businesses to find money to grow?
For small businesses to grow, they need access to capital and financing. However, many banks are less likely to work with smaller companies due to the high costs and risks associated with dealing with small businesses and small loans.
30/04/2022 12:14 - Comment(s)
What are the different SME finance options available?
One of the biggest questions you’ll face as the owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise is how to finance your business. This isn’t because there aren’t any ways to do so, however.