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Protecting Your Business and Partnerships
Give your business the protection it needs with key-person and partnership protection insurance! With this policy, you can rest easy knowing that if anything were to happen to a key person or partner, your business will be taken care of. Get covered today and sleep soundly tomorrow!
13/03/2023 18:07 - Comment(s)
You can only buy it when you don't need it cause when you do need it, its too late. Public Liability Insurance... 
Insurance has never been on most businesses or peoples top of their priority list although it should. Some of those adverse events are not a matter of IF but rather When they occur.
Run Your Own Business? Make Sure You Protect Yourself With Directors & Officers Insurance
As the business owner you are personally liable for your actions, including any mistakes you might make along the way. Those mistakes could lead to someone making a claim against you, which could in turn lead to fines, penalties, compensation or even imprisonment.
Don't be a cybercrime victim
Cybercrime is a growing threat to all businesses in all sectors and all sizes, from sole traders and the self employed, to large corporates and multinationals.