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Traditional Lenders vs Alternative Specialist Challenger Capital Providers... 
Whether you are an established trading business (manufacturer, hospitality business, etc), property investor or house builder, why would you, or why are businesses turning to non-bank lenders for financing - and in many cases paying a premium on the cost of borrowing - even with high-quality assets...
Team GIC
16/05/2020 16:11 - Comment(s)
UK manufacturing growing steadily, but is it stable? 
Latest statistics have revealed that UK manufacturing grew steadily at the end of the first trimester of this year but there are concerns about the stability of this growth.
Team GIC
30/08/2018 09:57 - Comment(s)
Should manufacturing firms be concerned about sustainability to help facilitate growth?
According to recent statistics, the manufacturing industry in the UK is seeing good levels of growth at the moment.
Team GIC
03/04/2018 05:03 - Comment(s)