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Is the High Street Doomed?
Gloomy predictions about the future of the high street have been a common theme in the news over the last few years. A host of well-known brands are either gone or seem to be struggling against the modern shopper’s thirst for online options.
Team GIC
06/07/2018 08:02 - Comment(s)
The Tech Economy: UK Powerhouse
The UK economy is in a strange place. Employment figures are at a record high, but overall growth remains sluggish. Rosier figures for the long-term health of the economy come along, then they’re downgraded.
Team GIC
05/07/2018 07:57 - Comment(s)
What kind of government support is available to businesses that are ready to export? 
As the UK moves ahead with Brexit and inches closer to exiting the European Union, there will be an increased emphasis on how much business the country does abroad.
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01/06/2018 07:19 - Comment(s)
Will a tax on pensioners really help to heal the intergenerational divide? 
With generation X seeking out ambitious job roles and aspiring to move out of their parental home and the older generation living longer than ever and many continuing to work, it seems that steps should be taken to bridge the gap between these two groups.
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22/05/2018 10:23 - Comment(s)
Could factory-made homes solve the affordable housing crisis in the UK? 
The affordable housing crisis is one that is affecting millennials and those with aspirations of progressing up the property ladder alike
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14/05/2018 05:59 - Comment(s)
Are developers to blame for the housing shortage? 
It’s no secret that there is a chronic housing shortage in the UK at the moment. The average estate agent typically has 42 homes on their books per branch
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30/03/2018 05:30 - Comment(s)
How is the Prime Minister planning to address the housing shortage problem in the UK?
The Prime Minister has recently revealed that her second most pertinent concern, first of course being the ever topical Brexit, is to address the housing shortage in the UK.
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26/03/2018 05:26 - Comment(s)
The growing power of e-commerce for your SME
If your business operates in the retail sector, it’s likely that you have a website that enables you to sell your goods to customers. The role of e-commerce has never been more prevalent.
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22/03/2018 05:46 - Comment(s)