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Buying or selling a house during the pandemic
Caroline Vernon, Partner at Sherrards solicitors explores the impact of the Coronavirus on the residential property market and provides guidance for those currently in the process of buying or selling a property.
Team GIC
21/04/2020 21:01 - Comment(s)
Economics 101 - "How the Economic Machine Works." By Ray Dalio
The video breaks down economic concepts like credit, deficits and interest rates, allowing viewers to learn the basic driving forces behind the economy, how economic policies work and why economic cycles occur.
Team GIC
23/03/2020 14:21 - Comment(s)
Three Basics to Keeping Your Real Estate Investment Strategy Simple... KISS
Amassing a personal fortune through real estate may seem beyond possibility, but it can be done — Keep it simple and pay close attention to these three basic concepts.
Team GIC
10/12/2019 14:01 - Comment(s)
Leaders are only as good as the teams they build!
Culture defines us in our family units, businesses, and organizations. It distinguishes who we are and how we are described. Much of that culture is built up over years or even decades. Yet we don’t have decades to build a successful team culture.
Team GIC
03/12/2019 21:20 - Comment(s)
How To Strengthen Your Relationship And Investing Strategy At The Same Time 
For many people, talking about money is one of the last things they want to do. When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to maintain an open dialogue about shared finances and goals, and in fact, that dialogue can lead to stronger investment decisions as well.
Team GIC
26/11/2019 08:13 - Comment(s)
How to use your SME overdraft to your advantage
SMEs often find that no matter how hard they try, it’s not always possible to guarantee how much money you’ll have in the bank account on any given date.
Team GIC
23/07/2018 07:32 - Comment(s)
4 Steps to Reducing Your Number of Late Payments
Running a business is hard. There are a million and one things to think about every single day and your focus should always be on how to improve and thrive.
Team GIC
30/06/2018 09:25 - Comment(s)
How to Identify Property Hotspots for Maximum Profit
Sometimes, it can feel like property prices change with the wind. Areas that were a sound investment a year ago are now falling. But, annoyingly, that area that no one wanted to invest in is suddenly seeing a spike in property prices.
Team GIC
18/06/2018 08:33 - Comment(s)
Why and how SMEs need to know how to forecast cash flow
In business, the present can often seem like the most important thing. In any organisation, there is a huge amount to do day-to-day and if things are going well, then it can seem like everything is on the right course.
Team GIC
02/06/2018 09:29 - Comment(s)
4 ways your SME can use technology to compete on the global stage
The world is a big place and there are innumerable businesses all looking to find and secure their markets.
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30/05/2018 07:33 - Comment(s)
How and why small businesses need to bridge the tech skill gap
We’ve all heard of the skills gap, a problem that has been getting progressively worse in the UK over the past few years.
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09/05/2018 07:10 - Comment(s)
A guide to registering a trade mark 
For SMEs that are just starting out, the benefits of trademarks and the value that they possess is not to be ignored.
Team GIC
02/05/2018 07:33 - Comment(s)
What is property crowdfunding and are there any significant benefits? 
As the house price boom has sustained itself in the UK for over two decades, investors large and small have continued to cash in on one of the most popular forms of investing, buy-to-let.
Team GIC
27/04/2018 05:09 - Comment(s)
Everything you need to know about getting paid by overseas trade customers
For SMEs taking their first steps as overseas exporters, one of the biggest concerns can be ensuring that they are paid promptly for their goods from their customers.
Team GIC
25/04/2018 05:05 - Comment(s)
A step by step guide to renting property for your business 
Renting property is something that most SMEs and start-ups will need to do and renting a building for work-related purposes comes with its own set of intricacies and challenges.
Team GIC
19/04/2018 07:05 - Comment(s)
How to ensure that your SME is behaving productively
When you’re running an SME, one of the biggest things that you are trying to achieve is high levels of productivity. Being productive means that your workforce is hitting targets and is producing high levels of work
Team GIC
23/03/2018 08:02 - Comment(s)
How SMEs can use interns to boost their bottom line
It’s National Career’s Week so there isn’t a much better time to talk about the benefits of SMEs taking on interns.
Team GIC
21/03/2018 05:21 - Comment(s)
How to boost mental wellness within your SME
With an increased pressure to sustain growth and concerns over the stability of the UK economy continuing to rise, it’s no wonder that 1 in 4 British workers have admitted to dealing with mental health issues in the workplace
Team GIC
19/03/2018 05:19 - Comment(s)
How your SME can unlock growth in 2018
As an SME owner, you should constantly be looking for ways that you can expand your offering and facilitate growth.
Team GIC
07/03/2018 07:07 - Comment(s)
How to identify the right investor and build a relationship
As an entrepreneur or SME owner, there are going to be times when you need cash fast in order to achieve your goals and help your business grow.
Team GIC
28/02/2018 03:10 - Comment(s)