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How to identify the right investor and build a relationship
As an entrepreneur or SME owner, there are going to be times when you need cash fast in order to achieve your goals and help your business grow.
Team GIC
28/02/2018 03:10 - Comment(s)
The most influential UK-based SMEs at present 
SMEs are the bread and butter of the UK economy, providing millions of people with jobs and services across a plethora of different sectors.
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12/02/2018 06:51 - Comment(s)
How the lending market changed since the 2008 financial crisis?
The global financial meltdown of 2008 sent shockwaves rippling throughout the entire planet. Value of currencies across the world were impacted, scores of businesses went bust and a feeling of resentment swept through countries in continents across the globe.
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14/12/2017 14:00 - Comment(s)