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How To Think Like An Entrepreneur
What does it take to make it as an entrepreneur? What qualities do you need and what will make the difference between success and failure?
Team GIC
11/01/2021 10:29 - Comment(s)
What Are The Foundations Of A Sustainable Successful & Scalable Business? 
Michael Geber in his Emyth (Entrepreneurial Myth) discusses why so many businesses fail to achieve their true potential, even if they survive the staggering failure rate statistical odds and ultimately what you as a small business can do about it.
Team GIC
28/05/2020 15:33 - Comment(s)
#1 Fantastic & On-going Way You MUST Fund & Grow Your Business Without Splitting Profits or Equity... 
Most entrepreneurs when think about business funding, the first thought is that of looking for an investor, a business partner with deep pockets, a crowdfunding campaign or a business loan. We think that...
Team GIC
19/05/2020 15:32 - Comment(s)
Independent Contractor Insurance. Who Needs it? 
Unexpected scenario or unforeseen events seem to be part and parcel of life and you need to be covered, from on-the-job injuries to unhappy clients.
Team GIC
14/05/2020 15:42 - Comment(s)
How To Master A Successful Entrepreneur's Mindset
How To Master A Successful Entrepreneur's Mindset... Passion to meaningful work and meaningful contribution
Team GIC
25/03/2020 14:16 - Comment(s)
Run Your Own Business? Make Sure You Protect Yourself With Directors & Officers Insurance
As the business owner you are personally liable for your actions, including any mistakes you might make along the way. Those mistakes could lead to someone making a claim against you, which could in turn lead to fines, penalties, compensation or even imprisonment.
Team GIC
20/03/2020 18:26 - Comment(s)
Guard Against These Five Impactful Mistakes as a New Real Estate Entrepreneur... 
When building a real estate investment platform or any business for that matter, there are mistakes that are often made, and if avoided, can free up an organization for Scale, Speed and Efficiency.
Team GIC
05/03/2020 18:04 - Comment(s)
Increase Your Capacity in the Following 4 Areas, If You Want Your Business to Grow
Every entrepreneur must come face to face with the reality that there is only a limited amount of time, money, and people that you can use within your current position. The question is how do we increase or maximize the things that we find limiting?
Team GIC
19/09/2019 14:54 - Comment(s)
What makes an entrepreneur? 
Sahar Hashemi sits on the Entrepreneurs Panel for the government and was voted one of the 10 most influential thinkers in the UK. She is also a fantastic speaker and we can’t wait for you to hear her.
Team GIC
30/06/2019 15:22 - Comment(s)
Behind the Scenes, Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway & Value Investing
Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of all time. His decisions about buying shares and companies have beaten the stock market year after year and made him the richest person in the world - thought to be worth 37 billion dollars.
Team GIC
27/06/2019 07:46 - Comment(s)
3 Encouraging Tips For New Entrepreneurs
Starting a business can be intimidating. The uncertainty of how your venture will fair in the market can trap you in a loop of anxious thinking, but for every new entrepreneur, these 3 encouraging tips are a great way to keep your confidence high.
Team GIC
13/06/2019 05:15 - Comment(s)