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Why are employment levels slowing down in central London? 
It may be the hub of the financial world in the UK and be home to over 8 million inhabitants, but it seems that employment levels have begun to take a nosedive in England’s capital.
The current hotspots in Britain for investors and property developers 
As the property market in the UK continues to teeter on unstable grounds, many investors are making surprising decisions about where to buy property.
What is meant by the flat white economy and how could it change the business landscape in London? 
Whether you’ve heard of the flat white economy or not, it’s a notion and idea that has, for some years, been changing the landscape of business and development in the UK, and things could be set to shift even further.
What is the single market and what are the benefits for SMEs and businesses in the UK?
The single market benefits businesses when it comes to the movement of goods, services and people within the UK.