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What does the closure of more shops on the high street say about the changing face of the UK retail industry?
The closure of more high street shops has highlighted a transformation in the retail industry and the way that consumers are choosing to shop for fashion items.
Team GIC
21/08/2018 07:28 - Comment(s)
What kind of impact will GDPR have on e-commerce? 
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming into effect later this month – on the 25th of May - and all manner of businesses are trying to work out what it means for them.
Team GIC
24/05/2018 06:35 - Comment(s)
Why e-commerce customer support and interaction is so important 
The e-commerce industry has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, fuelled by a continuing reliance on technology as well as a complete shift in the way that people shop. While it harbours many benefits for businesses, one area that it can fall down on is customer support and interaction.
Team GIC
24/04/2018 05:24 - Comment(s)
What steps could retail stores take to compete with the surge in e-commerce and online retail? 
The flurry of stories about collapsing high street stores and the growth of e-commerce is leading many people to draw the conclusion that bricks and mortar retail is dead.
Team GIC
20/04/2018 07:15 - Comment(s)
How is the e-commerce industry impacting on UK retail? 
At present, the retail industry is going through a wave of change thanks to one main component. E-commerce.
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06/04/2018 05:06 - Comment(s)
What can retail businesses gain from Instagram’s new shopping feature?  
If you are an avid Instagram user and happen to follow a number of different retail outlets on the social media site, you’ve probably noticed a new feature that has appeared recently.
Team GIC
02/04/2018 05:02 - Comment(s)
The growing power of e-commerce for your SME
If your business operates in the retail sector, it’s likely that you have a website that enables you to sell your goods to customers. The role of e-commerce has never been more prevalent.
Team GIC
22/03/2018 05:46 - Comment(s)
Which website mistakes are you making which cost you sales? 
There is no easy route to a stellar eCommerce site and with competition for online sales fiercer than ever, it can seem like it’s almost impossible to make sales via your website.
Team GIC
20/02/2018 05:30 - Comment(s)
5 brilliant apps that all SMEs need to know about 
It’s estimated that 2.5 billion people will be using smartphones by 2019, so engaging with apps is also important if an SME is going to be successful. Read on to find out about five of the best apps for SMEs at present.
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13/02/2018 07:11 - Comment(s)