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The Growth Engine for Small Businesses
Discover the vital role of working capital in SME growth. Learn how efficient management boosts operational efficiency, fosters expansion, and strengthens business relationships. Overcome common challenges with practical strategies in our latest blog.
09/02/2024 04:44 - Comment(s)
How to Review Your Funding Arrangements this Year
1. The market is ever-changing 2. Your needs are constantly evolving 3. Reviewing your options regularly ensures you're getting the best possible deal 4. It's a good way to stay ahead of the competition 5. You might be surprised at how much you can save #GICCapital #funding #review #business #growth
08/01/2023 08:00 - Comment(s)
What are a company's core values?
What makes a company truly successful? It’s not just about making money. Great companies need to have a solid set of core values that drive every decision and action — from the way they treat their customers to the way they approach business opportunities.
16/12/2022 16:25 - Comment(s)
Financial statements—what they are and why you need them
Financial statements - what they are and why you need them. They inform you about your business performance, past and present and help you plan for your future.
09/11/2022 06:07 - Comment(s)
The Best Lending Options for Your Business
Small Businesses need financing for working capital because a business must incur and pay for expenditures before it receives money from sales to customers.
08/08/2022 11:15 - Comment(s)
UK Government Covid-19 Business Loans Repayment
As the Government loan schemes supporting businesses during Covid-19 gradually come to an end, many borrowers now face sizeable repayments. But with the economy still recovering, securing some additional funding could prove a vital lifeline for businesses in the coming months.
01/05/2022 12:21 - Comment(s)
Why is it difficult for small businesses to find money to grow?
For small businesses to grow, they need access to capital and financing. However, many banks are less likely to work with smaller companies due to the high costs and risks associated with dealing with small businesses and small loans.
30/04/2022 12:14 - Comment(s)
Financing is essential to the success of any business.
Business Finance: Whether you’re starting your business or growing it, you need to know how to get the money that you need, when you need it. Looking to grow your business but need funds? Call us now on 02032909019 to start a conversation about how we can help I GIC Capital
28/04/2022 15:23 - Comment(s)
Investment Property Mortgages: Funding for Property Developers
Residential and commercial property development is one of the biggest growth industries of the 21st century.
11/11/2021 09:11 - Comment(s)
GIC Capital Launches Business Overdraft Service
GIC Capital, the SME working and expansion capital solutions provider, has launched a new service for firms seeking a business overdraft.
Could a lack of trust in leadership be holding back your SME? 
Discussions that took place during a Think Tank session held at Hotelympia in London earlier this year have revealed that a lack of trust in leadership could be stopping SMEs from reaching their full potential.
Help for businesses spanning across a number of different industries ?
GIC Capital provides funding options for a plethora of different industries and employs a tailored approach with each of their clients to ensure that they maximize their potential and facilitate growth.
Why and how to prepare your finances for the implications of Brexit
While there is still uncertainty surrounding whether we will have a hard or soft Brexit, it is important that SMEs prepare whatever the outcome is in 2019.
How could increasing your marketing spending benefit your SME? 
Recent figures have revealed that the average UK SME owners will be dedicating around 16% of their annual budget for 2018/19 to marketing efforts within their companies.
Soft Brexit could lead to 1.9% economy expansion, how will SMEs be impacted?
Speculations surrounding the upcoming Brexit are still circulating, and the most recent revelation is regarding the expansion that could occur if a soft Brexit was to take place.
The best steps to take if you are planning to expand your company globally 
With the prospect of Brexit still hanging over many Brit’s heads, a lot of SME owners believe that the idea of expanding their business abroad is a risky venture fraught with potential hazards.
What are the merits and drawbacks of traditional bank loans and alternative types of finance? 
Securing finance for your SME can be a challenging and, at times, very confusing process, mainly because there are so many different types to choose from.
The best ways to manage your finances as a small business
Running a successful SME means ensuring that a number factors are working well together so that you can accommodate growth.
Why are things fraught between banks and SMEs?
SMEs and banks do not always have the best relationship. The UK is leading the way in Europe for ‘start ups’, but many businesses have become afraid of the risks involved in borrowing to help them expand their companies further...