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What Are The Foundations Of A Sustainable Successful & Scalable Business? 
Michael Geber in his Emyth (Entrepreneurial Myth) discusses why so many businesses fail to achieve their true potential, even if they survive the staggering failure rate statistical odds and ultimately what you as a small business can do about it.
Team GIC
28/05/2020 15:33 - Comment(s)
Property Factors to Consider - Apartment Blocks - Private Rental Sector ...
Unfortunately, like with any new venture, its not uncommon to see new and sometimes "seasoned" investors getting hung up on the wrong aspects or less viability-breaking elements of an investment property. What should a potential investor be focusing on?
Team GIC
22/05/2020 11:52 - Comment(s)
#1 Fantastic & On-going Way You MUST Fund & Grow Your Business Without Splitting Profits or Equity... 
Most entrepreneurs when think about business funding, the first thought is that of looking for an investor, a business partner with deep pockets, a crowdfunding campaign or a business loan. We think that...
Team GIC
19/05/2020 15:32 - Comment(s)
Traditional Lenders vs Alternative Specialist Challenger Capital Providers... 
Whether you are an established trading business (manufacturer, hospitality business, etc), property investor or house builder, why would you, or why are businesses turning to non-bank lenders for financing - and in many cases paying a premium on the cost of borrowing - even with high-quality assets...
Team GIC
16/05/2020 16:11 - Comment(s)
Independent Contractor Insurance. Who Needs it? 
Unexpected scenario or unforeseen events seem to be part and parcel of life and you need to be covered, from on-the-job injuries to unhappy clients.
Team GIC
14/05/2020 15:42 - Comment(s)
How Can You Maximize Your Investment Property Returns? 
Whether you are new to Buy-to-Let Private Rental Sector or a seasoned professional landlord, Fund manager or Private Equity Asset Manager maximizing returns on your investment property or portfolio will be one of your main ongoing objectives or responsibilities.
Team GIC
09/05/2020 15:37 - Comment(s)
No Nonsense Property Offers to Purchase. Do not act like you are buying fruits at your Sunday farmers market... 
We don't believe in the popularly advised so called negotiation tactics, "knowing how to talk down a price is an integral part of the profession." A lot of time is wasted with these so called tactics and ultimately focus on other profitable use of professional investors limited time is mis-directed.
Team GIC
08/05/2020 06:05 - Comment(s)
A Dozen Things to Consider If Seeking Joint Venture Capital for Residential Development 
Let's explore some of the crucial factors that real estate developers should keep in mind when raising funds for an investment and why those considerations are so vital to their long-term success.
Team GIC
07/05/2020 09:17 - Comment(s)
Customers! Finding them & keeping them is the life-blood of any business. How can your business go about this? 
Gaining new customers and maintaining the ones you already have is an on-going daily endeavour for an businesses survival and ultimately profitable existence. Here are a few pointers for you.
Team GIC
04/05/2020 12:33 - Comment(s)
You can only buy it when you don't need it cause when you do need it, its too late. Public Liability Insurance... 
Insurance has never been on most businesses or peoples top of their priority list although it should. Some of those adverse events are not a matter of IF but rather When they occur.
Team GIC
02/05/2020 13:35 - Comment(s)
Directors duties during the Coronavirus crisis
Kiall Bagnell, Partner at Sherrards solicitors in the Corporate & Commercial department examines whether directors face hidden dangers in the insolvency twilight zone.
Team GIC
24/04/2020 09:02 - Comment(s)
Buying or selling a house during the pandemic
Caroline Vernon, Partner at Sherrards solicitors explores the impact of the Coronavirus on the residential property market and provides guidance for those currently in the process of buying or selling a property.
Team GIC
21/04/2020 21:01 - Comment(s)
Cyberbullying in the Workplace
Cyberbullying has the same negative impact on the targeted employee, emotionally and/or psychologically, which in turn affects their morale, performance and productivity.
Team GIC
03/04/2020 15:42 - Comment(s)
Upcoming changes from April 2020: Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay
The Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act is due to come into force in April 2020. The upcoming changes will entitle employees who lose a child under the age of 18, or suffer a stillbirth from the 24th week of pregnancy, to two weeks’ unpaid leave, as a right from day one of their employment.
Team GIC
30/03/2020 10:12 - Comment(s)
How To Master A Successful Entrepreneur's Mindset
How To Master A Successful Entrepreneur's Mindset... Passion to meaningful work and meaningful contribution
Team GIC
25/03/2020 14:16 - Comment(s)
Economics 101 - "How the Economic Machine Works." By Ray Dalio
The video breaks down economic concepts like credit, deficits and interest rates, allowing viewers to learn the basic driving forces behind the economy, how economic policies work and why economic cycles occur.
Team GIC
23/03/2020 14:21 - Comment(s)
Run Your Own Business? Make Sure You Protect Yourself With Directors & Officers Insurance
As the business owner you are personally liable for your actions, including any mistakes you might make along the way. Those mistakes could lead to someone making a claim against you, which could in turn lead to fines, penalties, compensation or even imprisonment.
Team GIC
20/03/2020 18:26 - Comment(s)
Upcoming changes from April 2020: Statement of terms
Currently employers have up to two months to issue the statement to any employee working for them for more than a month, but from 6 April 2020 the right to a statement of written particulars will become a day one right.
Team GIC
14/03/2020 16:59 - Comment(s)
Private Sector: Should I be preparing for IR35?
Until the 6th April 2020, the rules governing IR35 will only apply to the public sector. From this date, the rules will also apply to the private sector, including charities
Team GIC
09/03/2020 07:10 - Comment(s)
Guard Against These Five Impactful Mistakes as a New Real Estate Entrepreneur... 
When building a real estate investment platform or any business for that matter, there are mistakes that are often made, and if avoided, can free up an organization for Scale, Speed and Efficiency.
Team GIC
05/03/2020 18:04 - Comment(s)